Louisiana Man Takes Tractor Across the State to Get People to the Polls

With election day not too far away, you may be seeing a lot of campaign signs and tons of political ads on tv.

For one Louisianan man he’s using this political season to go back to his roots to show his support for his candidate and get people out to the polls. ​
On Louisiana roads it’s not hard to hear and see Abe Mattox coming down the road.​
“This tractor right here is catching more attention than an 18 wheeler float with a live band on it,” said Abe Mattox, a Louisianan who grew up on a farm back in Mississippi.​
He is driving his 1951 Ford tractor named Sweetie with American flags and campaign signs in support of his favorite candidate running for governor.​
“I’m doing it because this man I’m doing it for Ralph Abraham,” said Mattox. “He’s a great man I’ve been known him for about six years and he has done everything he ever told me he was going to do.”​
His journey isn’t just through new Iberia, he’s going all across the state ​
“Average 75 miles a day at 11 miles an hour then I’m getting out and talking to people that’s a long day but that’s how much I believe in this man,” said Mattox.​
He’s riding through rain or shine, hoping to get more support for his candidate or just get people to get out and vote​
“For them to have a say so they need to put some interest into it and push the button for whoever they wanna vote for,” said Mattox.​
It may sound tedious but Mattox calls it “old time politics Louisiana style.”​
As the race continues to heat up he’ll keep going down all the back roads and covering the whole state. ​
He says its important to get your vote out and your voice heard no matter who you root for.​
“It makes a difference in winning and losing and that’s a big difference,” said Mattox.​
This is a cause that keeps him trekking on.​