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Louisiana Safety Company Develops Post-COVID19 Life-Saving Protocols

In the post-COVID19 world, making places people gather safe is not a “one and done” action. Instead, maintaining safe environments is an ongoing process. Finding a way to keep the places people gather safe will require innovation, a different level of dedication and new cultural norms.


Industrial Safety Solutions-Recovery, based in Youngsville, has relied on their decades of experience as innovators in the safety industry to develop a user-friendly protocol, using an EPA-approved biocide containing chlorine dioxide to disinfect interior spaces and then train occupants to maintain interior spaces to be safe and free from dangerous germs, viruses and bacteria.

“This is the new way of life,” said Ray Flores, president of ISS-Recovery. “The approach we’ve developed relies on our deep experience in the safety industry and understanding of behavioral science. We have to make a cultural shift to keep spaces safe now.”


ISS-Recovery has created a comprehensive protocol referencing the most rigorous federal standards and guidelines. They have developed a gold-standard method of coronavirus remediation processes relying on science and behavioral science to help business owners and the working class get back to work — and to do so in a safe environment.


ISS-R will offer businesses that use their remediation process and ongoing protocol techniques an “ISS-R Clean Seal” to display, assuring patrons of ongoing, daily dedication to cleanliness and sustainable safe environments — a significant difference from a simple monthly spraying routine established by other decontaminating companies.


“Keeping spaces clean requires complete buy-in and action on the part of whoever occupies the space we’ve decontaminated — that means ongoing dedication on the part of the people there,” Flores said.


Using an atomizer to distribute a solution that contains the biocide chlorine dioxide, ISS-R’s professionally trained technicians will disinfect the premises of a home, an office, a business or other location. First, ISS-R collaborates with the site owner or person in charge, then executes a plan by carefully applying the substance on every available surface.


After the initial disinfecting (spraying) procedure, ISS-R’s trained staff shares easy-to-use protocols that include products and procedures necessary for the home’s occupants or the business’ staff to maintain a clean and disinfected environment.


“With the spraying comes access to consulting and educational resources,” Flores said. “We’ll teach families how to keep their homes safe and businesses the same. Using the ISS-R method, services and training, employees in a restaurant or other establishment will be able to keep a location clean and safe.”


Flores recalls going to a local restaurant the week the COVID19 crisis was gearing up. A young waitress had a spray bottle with a green substance in it and was using that with a towel that had seen better days to clean tables.


“I asked her what she was using to clean the tables,” Flores said. “She said, ‘I don’t know. It’s what my boss said to use.’ Going forward, every employee we work with should be able to say, ‘This is what we’re doing to maintain protocol.’ Everyone has to buy in and be able to speak the language. We’re excited about training Acadiana and regions along the Gulf Coast to do just that.”


Flores expressed concern for businesses regarding OSHA compliance. OSHA recently referenced the potential for documented days-away-from-work cases as recordables on the OSHA 300-log. ISS-R is assisting businesses to interpret exactly what the changes are required to keep each of us safe in public spaces.


With affordable pricing, ISS-R’s methodology and training offer peace of mind for families, patrons, employees, business owners and management. Look for the “ISS-R Clean Seal” at area businesses to indicate the business’ level of dedication toward ongoing cleanliness.


ISS-R has a medical director on staff to create best practices for those with compromised immune systems and health issues. ISS-R is backed by a service specific insurance policy. Additionally, ISS-R has a microbial pest control licensee as part of their staff.


ISS-R is creating alliances with companies who recognize its protocols related to cultural shifts are the way toward safety in the “New Normal” future. For safety and consistency, the products ISS-R uses are direct-from-the-manufacturer and not blended locally.


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