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Love Our Schools stuffs over 5,000 backpacks

What started as Love Acadiana in 2017, has grown into a huge outpouring of support now called Love Our Schools. Volunteers stuffed 5,000 backpacks yesterday that will be distributed to eight schools throughout Lafayette.

School Board Member, Tehmi Chaisson says, “It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve been blessed to be a part of.”

Back to school can be a stressful time for parents, teachers but especially students who may be going back to school unprepared because their families simply can’t afford school supplies.

“You have kids that come to school kind of somewhat unprepared, but there are still teachers on a day in day out basis that spend their own hard earned money that make sure the kids don’t go without,” Chaisson said.

But that’s where the Love Our Schools Foundation steps in.

Ryan Domengeaux, CEO of Schumacher Family Donation, was among the volunteers. Domengeaux said, “This is just a way to level the playing field for everyone. So all of these students are going to show up with book sacks, filled with all the supplies that they need paid for by philanthropic donations. Supporting the kids, which supports the teachers and the whole school system.”

One of the dozens of volunteers giving up their summer day was Ms. Page, a third grade teacher in Lafayette. She sees first hand each year how the students have to do without.

“I think it’s incredible, the need is so great. A lot of the times we are providing for them so this is so huge.”

Like many of the other volunteers we talked with, Ms. Page told us why it was so important to help fill these backpacks.

“Volunteering for this is huge. It’s important to me because I know I’m providing a service for these kids and they’re going to be so happy. They’re going to croak when they walk into the schools.”

If you’re interested in donating time or money to the Love Our Schools Foundation you can head to their website