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Lower St. Martin Parish Ready for Barry

Eroy Acosta’s neighbors are building walls out of sand bags to protect their home, but his property isn’t filled by mounds of the parish-provided bags. “We alright. I am you know, but I feel sorry for a lot of people that got water in their house. I really do, you know” says Acosta.

Last year Acosta built a higher sea-wall along his the line of his backyard to prevent the water from flooding his home. “I can stand 73, I can stand that. Without having water, but anything over that, I’m gonna be in trouble too.” Acosta says he’s grateful St. Martin Parish is helping his neighbors as Berry turns in the Gulf of Mexico. “They’ve been helping us big time. Helping the people you know. So, I’m very very very proud of that” says Acosta.

St. Martin Parish President, Chester Cedars says: “We’re gonna go through this okay. We’re prepared, as prepared as we can be.” Cedars tells NEWS15 St. Martin Parish had a plan before a storm in the gulf gave them a reason to develop a plan, “Before we started meeting on this storm, we had a generic, general plan of attack ready to implement.”

Cedars is confident his parish will weather the storm well, but advises residents, “Don’t overreact, but more importantly, don’t under-react.”
If any St. Martin Parish resident is unable to prepare for the storm on their own they can contact the E.O.P. office at 337-394-2808.