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LPD tests out new device for arrests

Lafayette Police Department is looking into a new technology for their officer’s that would allow them to quickly wrap a cord around someone who is just a few feet away. Thursday was their first time testing it out.

It’s called the BolaWrap 100. It has a 10-25 foot cord that can secure a person and wrap around them twice.

Donald De Lucca is a former police chief and the chief strategy officer of BolaWrap. He says, “The BolaWrap was devised to be use early on in an altercation or disturbance if someone is not cooperating before you use a pain compliance so actually fills a gap in the tools law enforcement has today.”

De Lucca refers to the device as a remote handcuffs. “The device was initially made for people in crisis in a health crisis being non-compliant needing assistance.”

It’s what attracted Lafayette Police Department to the BolaWrap.

Deputy Chief Reginald Thomas says, “The last thing we want to do is put our hands on anybody with a mental issue so what we do is we start off with communication and after that if you look at an officers a gun belt and see what he’s carrying that’s all he has to use.”

This one demonstration isn’t enough to seal the deal. LPD will have a few officers of through instructional classes and testing it out in the field before making a final decision.

Deputy Chief Thomas says, “We want to see if it works for us, it’s different situations that offices will be in. I can think of many situations in the past that it could have been used just knowing that and knowing that we might have another option other than using a taser other than using the other weapons we use.”

LPD will continue to test out the device and give the company feedback before they make a final decision on whether they will purchase it or not.