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LPSS votes against the bid that would move portables to Southside High

The Lafayette Parish School System voted against approving the bid to have portable classrooms at Southside High, to assist with what some say is overcrowding. However, School System member Jeremy Hildago says his numbers say the school is not over crowded.

“Southside, I’m going to maintain it, is not overcrowded, the facility is not overcrowded,” says Jeremy Hildago.

Despite mutiple claims stating Southside High is overcrowded, Jeremy Hildago believes they can squeeze in hundreds of more students.

He says, “…we can take another 5, 6, 700 human beings, students, put them on their campus and they will be able to work comfortably.”

Many have expressed their disapproval about the portable buildings including Hildago himself, but he believes it’s better than rezoning hundreds of students.

Hildago adds, “…to be clear, I don’t want the portable buildings, but what we don’t want these rezoning more than we want portable buildings. Those who will be affected by rezoning would prefer the buildings over rezoning.

Though details are limited, minutes before the meeting, Hildago was notifyed by administrators at Southside about a plan they have to accomodate up to 1900 students.

“I would like to know more and how they plan to do that. If they can’t do that I would absolutely retract my idea of putting portable buildings on campus. I’m not doing it because I want those on the campus I’m doing it so many students as possible can attend Southside Highschool.”

Though Hildago says over crowding is not an issue today, he fells it will be in the future.

“You heard it here first, we will be discussing a rezoning of Southside with in the next two to three years,” says Hildago.

Hildago only has two months left in on the school board, but he tells News 15 he plans to cut the bid in half and present it to the board next meeting. At tonight’s meeting LPSS also approved adoption of millage rates for 2019 and voted to reconize domestic violence and breast cancer awareness month for the month of October.