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“Lucky Enough”, Lunch Notes from a Louisiana Dad

Do you remember back in grade school when your parents occasionally left notes in your school lunch? For one Louisiana girl, her dad wrote her notes for over a year.

Chris Yandle knew he needed to step up for his daughter, Addy, in a different way.  He decided to write to her. He wrote her words of encouragement and life lessons everyday. Chris calls himself an introvert, so using his hand written words to show his support for his daughter was an easy way to connect.

He started writing his notes on plastic baggies but Addison stopped bringing lunch to school. That’s when he started using the post it notes. After months of notes, Addy’s teachers and even principal noticed dads little words of wisdom. They encouraged him to compile them into a book.

Chris self published his book, “Lucky Enough” at the end of September. You can buy it here, on Amazon. He’s trying to get it into local book and gift stores across the state. In the back of the book there are parents and kids writing prompts to promote communication and engagement within families. He hopes his lessons in his own life help other parents connect with their children on a different level.