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Maci Bergeron: Jumping to Another Level

COVID-19 stopping softball season hasn’t slowed down Maci Bergeron. she’s playing catch with her dad at home and continuing her workouts. the Notre Dame catcher can’t be complacent. this year she’s been nominated for Gatorade National Player of the Year.

“I just keep working hard and I have to stay humble,” Maci said. “I can’t think I am too good to still work.”

Macie is committed to LSU. She is the top-ranked softball player in the 2022 class in the country and she leads her team in hits, but she still was willing to step in the circle as a pitcher when her team needed her.

“Not a better catcher but just a better teammate,” Maci said. “I didn’t really want to do it but I just had to make that sacrifice for my team. Whatever it takes to win.”
Yes, it is skill, but Maci also believes in luck. She puts all her equipment on first on the left side.

“Like my shin guards when I put them on I put the left one on first. When I put my batting gloves on I put the left one on first. When I stand in the on-deck circle If I get a hit I stand in the exact same spot the next time.

She hates to lose. so Maci is jumping to another level to win.