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Makenna Denofrio Returns at Shorstop

Opelousas, LA (KADN)– It is good to be back on the field for Makenna Denofrio. The Opelousas Catholic junior shortstop just started practicing again after an right ACL and a right shoulder injury in 2019. The pandemic made the wait to play even longer. She has’t played an organized softball game in two years.

“I’m just trying to get back and its just really a struggle because I keep hurting myself,” Makenna said.

Her dad Philip played minor league baseball. He made her middle name Sierra after the General Motors trucks. She was destined to be tough, but now she has to be believe she can stay healthy.

“You just have to concentrate on the game because if you start overthinking everything you aren’t going to stay healthy and that’s when you start messing up,” Makenna said.

“You’re not with your teammates, you’re not with your coaches, you’re not doing a sport that you love even more, being home-stricken with it has been really tough for her,” her dad Philip Denofrio said.

“I had two schools in Mississippi looking at me but my injuries are setbacks I’ll probably try to walk on at LSU-E,” Makenna said.

The injuries cost her a little bit of power. Makenna used to love staying after games with her dad and hit homerun after homerun during extra batting practice. However, he first homerun she almost missed it.

“7th Grade I didn’t even know I hit it over, I started to run, I started to lift my hands because I didn’t know where the ball went and then I started to trot around the bases,” Makenna said.

Makenna’s favorite show is Vampire Diaries, but with her senior year left, her softball career isn’t dead just yet. Prosperity is right in front of her.