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Makenzie Droody: Waiting After Transfer

Rayne, LA (KADN)– Junior Makenzie Droddy was perfect at the plate before school closed because of the pandemic.
She had waited the entire year to play at Northside Christian after transferring from Iota. She played in just 2 games and how she has to wait again.
“It definitely frustrating going from a really successful season at Iota and coming to Northside Christian and have the season stopped,” Makenzie said. “I’m trying to find anything that I’m trying to do I can do to be a leader. I definitely can’t wait to get back on the field to be with my teammates and my coaches.”

Makenzie plays travel ball in Birmingham but some of their tournaments are canceled. She practicing until then at catcher.”

“Putting in the hours when nobody is watching,” Makenzie said. “You definitely have to be one of the strongest on the field.”

She’s is committed to Liberty University, but she wasn’t always an All-Star. She couldn’t catch the ball consistently until she was nine. One day, it just clicked.

“My dad refused to throw with me until I could catch,” Makenzie said. “One day I went up to him and said I can catch.”

Mackenzie wants to win a state title in her final season. She pickup on patience through all this, and she’s blasting her way to success.