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Mange St. Martin

Looking for a new great place to eat? Check out the Mange St. Martin. Mange St. Martin is promoting locally-owned restaurants, grocery stores, breweries, and food products in St. Martin Parish.

From the Mange St.Martin Facebook page:
Mange St. Martin is the official campaign by St. Martin Parish Tourism to promote locals and tourists alike supporting locally-owned restaurants and food businesses.

Food is central to the culture here in St. Martin Parish. So many important things happen around food and the family table. Weddings, birthdays, celebrations of all kinds, wakes, hard conversations, long nights, and even the every day, just-getting-by-on-a-weeknight meal. Food not only keeps us alive but also awakens our souls. Food is everything to us. It’s not just about a meal. It’s a way of life.

Food isn’t a way of life just because we love to eat it, but also because so many of our community members love to share it. They share their family recipes in their restaurants. They teach new skills to our young people. They bottle our essence and share it with the world. When you support locally-owned restaurants in your community, you keep your neighbors in good spirits. You support their dreams, keep their businesses open, and keep so many of your neighbors with jobs they love.

The official campaign for Mange St. Martin, or Eat St. Martin, runs during the hot summer months when things typically slow down for restaurateurs. Crawfish season is over and everyone is leaving town for summer vacations. We get it! But while you’re here, make a point to visit the locally-owned restaurant down the street. Tip your waitstaff, get to know the managers and owners, and share in the community spirit that makes St. Martin Parish so special.