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Mayor- President Josh Guillory Held a Media Briefing on Updates of Coronavirus

(4/2/2020)- In Lafayette Parish, with 4,800 tests completed, 247 are confirmed positive. That is 41 more positive cases than yesterday and a 35 percent increase. 650 tests were reported overnight so we do expect to see an increase in our numbers as results continue to come in.
Two people in the parish have died.


· Ventilators: 95 in use 98 available
· ICU Beds 134 in use 31 available
· Beds: 1127 in use 905 available

· 89 people went to the screening site.
· 13 were screened out.
· 76 people were tested for COVID-19.
· To Date since opening the screening site, 1,025 people have been tested.
· The CAJUNDOME reopens Friday from 8:30 a.m. -10:30 a.m. for screening. We’re continuing to collect PPE for our medical staff at the site. Please drop off gloves, masks, gowns and biohazard bags at the CAJUNDOME between 8:30 and 10:30. Any help is appreciated!

· Yesterday, medical staff answered 316 calls.
· 48 people were sent to be screened at the CAJUNDOME.
· 35 calls were non-medical-related.
· 27 calls were general COVID-19 questions.
· 17 people were sent to their primary care provider.
· 7 people were sent to the emergency room.
· 11 people were sent to urgent care.
· 15 people were instructed to self-isolate at home.

211 and 311
· Remember, call 211 for general COVID information.
· 311 to talk to medical staff for prescreening if you feel like you’re experiencing symptoms.

· We encourage employers, employees who no longer have jobs and people looking for work to use the hotline LCG has established to connect citizens to the experts at the Lafayette Economic Development Authority.
· We ask the media to please spread the word.
· It’s a great resource to guide people through the complicated process of applying for various programs for employers and unemployment insurance
· And a great resource for so many out of work to find a jog. Many businesses are hiring to meet demand. Call 3-1-1 and select option 2…between 10 a.m. and 2 a.m.

11 LEDA staff members handled 67 calls today.

· 28 percent of people asking for guidance on SBA loan information.
· 40 percent of callers needed unemployment insurance information.
· 7 percent about stimulus package
· 9 percent about 1099, contract, artist and industry workers assistance
· 10 percent about other things
· 51 percent of calls were from business owners.
· 42 percent were from employees.
· Drive thru handed out 17 SBA packets and 3 unemployment info packets
The call center is open again tomorrow from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Dial 311, then choose option 2.
Anyone who prefers hard copies of forms, can stop by the old LUS payment center at City Hall. That’s also from 10-2.
Reminder: One buggy, One person, One trip per week.
People still going to the store in groups including families with children.
We hope it’s because they may have not have heard about the guidelines the Mayor-President put out, rather than blatantly ignoring these safety measures.
Please limit the number of people in public it is the only way to reduce spread. Remember to distance yourself at least six feet from others.
Lafayette Fire Department is encouraging residents of the parish to adhere to the statewide burn ban placed by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal last week. A cease and desist order on private burning was effective Wednesday, March 25th. Since the burn ban has been in place, Lafayette parish firefighters have responded to over 20 complaints of residents burning trash. Fire departments are deploying resources to these unauthorized burnings when they could be used elsewhere.
Lafayette Consolidated Government’s ordinance prohibits the disposal of solid waste by burning in the city and unincorporated areas of the parish.
Residents should dispose of yard waste and bulky items at curbside.
Lafayette Consolidated Government and Republic Services are working to keep all curbside collection services continuing as normal. This includes garbage, recycling, yard waste, and bulky pick-up. During this time of the stay at home order, there is an increase in volume for all of those items.
Since, residents are taking this opportunity to do extra work around the house and the yard, it may be helpful for some explanation of the guidelines for collection.
• Bulky Item pick up refers to larger items, like furniture and appliances. It does not include piles of loose or bagged debris, including construction debris.
• Bulky items are collected on specific weeks of the month, depending on your address. Do not place items on curb until it is your week.
• This time of year always has more yard debris to be collected. Yard waste is normally collected on the same day as your garbage. Please be patient if there are delays.
• Yard waste should be no heavier than 50 lbs. per item, including bagged material. No limbs should be longer than six feet long or 18 inches thick.
The priority is still getting the carts emptied, but remember, the lids need to close.
As always, citizens can call 337-291-8529 to report a missed collection, a broken cart or for any other questions or concerns.
The local Republic call center number is 806-2040.
As a reminder, the April 7th Council meetings are cancelled. The applicable agenda items from these meetings will be rescheduled for the Regular Meeting date of April 21st, 2020. This would allow time to consider options for public comment during Council meetings, in light of the Stay at Home order and to ensure compliance with requirements set forth in the Executive order. Again the Council meeting schedule for April is as follows:
• April 7, 2020 – All Council meetings cancelled
• April 21, 2020 – 5:00 pm – Parish Council Meeting*
6:00 pm – City Council Meeting
*There will no Joint Meeting – Items needing approval by both
Councils will be placed on the individual meeting agendas.
Consideration was given on changing the meetings to April 14th and April 28th, however, no meetings will be scheduled on those dates. If new dates were considered, it would have adjusted all regular meeting dates in coming months due to the 2-week layover requirement.

· There’s concern whether social security recipients will receive a 12-hundred-dollar stimulus check.
· The answer is yes.
· At first the federal government required everyone to file a tax return to get a check.
· Yesterday that was reversed.
· Checks are based on previous tax returns, which many receiving Social Security are not required to file taxes anyway, especially when social security is their only income.
· Stimulus checks will be based on their 1099 forms.
· Seniors and the disabled can rest easy. Checks will be either deposited directly or recipients will receive a paper check…just as they normally receive benefits.

· We realize the need for access to the internet is higher than ever.
· Free access is no longer available since libraries temporarily closed, and many people are now unemployed and have limited income.
· LUS Fiber can’t offer free services, but has created a special internet service package.
· You can sign up for ConnecTV service for 1 dollar for the first month. This is a streaming TV service that doesn’t require a set top box or DVR equipment.
· Also, LUS Fiber is allowing residents to sign up for a starter internet service for 19.95. No contract and no additional services required.
· Recognizing the need to access information and entertain kids and teach them online while school is out, our technicians are continuing to safely install services in homes. They’re available to businesses, as well.

· An explanation about the suspension of evictions during this crisis.
· Evictions are suspended through April 30.
· For those who are unemployed…this does not mean you don’t have to pay at all. It means you eventually pay.
· The only way a landlord can evict a tenant in Louisiana is by going through the court system. But courts have been suspended across the state until at least April 30th. So, right now it’s not legal for landlords to attempt to evict anyone.
· People who are still employed should not take advantage of this and continue to pay rent.

· Any tenants faced with uncooperative landlords, can receive free legal help. Go to Acadiana Legal Service Corporation. Go to And the phone number is 800-256-1175. Do not call police, as this is not a criminal matter, but a civil matter.


In coming months, some of our lower income ratepayers will likely need assistance with their utility bills, even though we have suspended disconnections for 60 days, along with waiving late fees.
It’s important to ensure our low-income households continue to have electricity and running water at this challenging time and after.
For people considering ways to help out in this emergency, please consider participating in LUS’s “Share the Light” program. This program helps participants who have an emergency and are unable to pay their utility bill. The donations are administered through the Monsignor A. O. Sigur Service Center, an agency of the Catholic Services of Acadiana.
Applicants are interviewed by Sigur Center staff to determine eligibility. Approved grantees are qualified for up to $300, a maximum of one time in three years. This program will be evaluated in the future to see if eligibility needs to be adjusted in response to our current circumstances.
You can elect to contribute to Share the Light through your monthly utility billing – whether you mail in payment or pay online.
Applicants in need can contact the Sigur Center at 337-235-4972.



(3/27/2020)- Mayor- President Josh Guillory held a media briefing today and announced the first death in Lafayette Parish resulting from Coronavirus. As of Friday March 27, 2020 there are 44 cases of Coronavirus in Lafayette and 90 cases of Coronavirus in Acadiana. As of March 27,2020 2,746 cases were confirmed in the state of Louisiana with 119 deaths and 54 of 64 parishes are affected.

Lafayette – 44
St. Landry 10
Evangeline 4
Jeff Davis 1
Acadia 8 – 1 death
Vermilion 2
Iberia 4
St. Mary 6
St. Martin 11 – 3 deaths

Acadiana: 90 cases, 4 deaths

(3/25/2020)-Mayor- President Josh Guillory held a media briefing today. As of Wednesday March 25, 2020 there are 20 cases of Coronavirus in Lafayette and  37 cases of Coronavirus in Acadiana. During the press briefing it was stressed to avoid crowds to reduce the number of cases. Mayor- President Josh Guillory says, “When you go out maintain the distance of 6 feet.”


From March 15th-20th over 3,000 unemployment claims have been made. Mayor- President Josh Guillory urged residents to visit


It’s vitally important to support local businesses when times are tough. In Lafayette, not only are we facing the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are facing a new oil crunch just as the region is emerging from the 2014 downturn. We all have a role to play in supporting our local businesses and their employees—who are our friends, families and neighbors. I encourage you to support your favorite local retailer, service provider, or other business over the coming weeks and months.
Here are resources available to businesses and their employees. We will continue to update this list as we learn more.


For more information click, here.