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Mayor of Opelousas Offers Preventive Measures Related to Coronavirus

The mayor of Opelousas offered a message to residents on preventive measures as it relates to Coronavirus. This message comes after a report of 2,746 cases in the state of Louisiana with 119 deaths related to COVID-19. The full message from Mayor Julius Alsandor can be read below:

As we continue to face challenges related to the effects of COVID-19, it is imperative that all of us be socially responsible and practice preventative measures in a time of public health crisis. We are not only up against this virus, but we are also up against the actions of some people who may make controlling the spread of the virus more difficult. I urge all of you to practice the following:

Social distancing – 6 ft. rule Handwashing Sanitizing liquids No social gatherings No congregating at businesses If WE are to defeat this enemy that has NO FRIENDS, we must follow these preventive steps and stay home if at all possible. The reality is that we are not super heroes and this virus is like kryptonite. It CAN be fatal. As we look around us, we can see some people adhering to the orders given to all of us, while others are disregarding these directions. This virus is communal. It is spread the same way we share our friendships and love for one another. I should also add that it is very important for our businesses, who are a vital part of our communities, to model good behaviors and implement orders that are enforced in the executive order issued by Governor Edwards.

Let us together be vigilant and show that we are not only concerned for ourselves, but also for OUR family, friends and neighbors.

May God bless all of you and keep you safe,

Mayor Julius Alsandor

City of Opelousas