Nearly 60 Screened Wednesday at Iberia Drive-Thru

More than 110 vehicles, many with multiple passengers, passed through a drive-thru COVID-19 screening event at North Lewis Elementary in New Iberia Wednesday. The event was conducted by Iberia Medical Center.

According to Lisa Landry, the hospital’s director of marketing, 57 people were sent to a second screening station to be tested for influenza, which involves a nasal swab. Landry tells News15 the hospital is declining right now to say how many among those 57 tested negative for flu, which then triggers testing the swab for the presence of the COVID-19 virus.

“Everyone was very cooperative,” Landry adds. “It was very smooth and orderly event.”

Landry also says IMC management is holding a debriefing Wednesday afternoon to decide whether to offer more drive-thru screenings.

According to the hospital, only certain persons meeting a set of criteria should seek screening:

Persons experiencing a temperature greater than 100.4° and respiratory symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath.

Those residents who are an elevated risk include:

Healthcare workers with direct contact with confirmed/suspected COVID-19 cases
Pregnant women
Patients with immunocompromised conditions
Age 60 years or older
People living in communal settings such as (Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, shelters, etc.)
Infants less than 10 weeks of age

If you’re unsure whether you meet criteria for screening you’re encouraged to call Iberia Medical Center at (337) 374-7420 or (337) 374-7421.