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Neurofeedback Treatments Making Great Strides in Improving Mental Health in Acadiana

LAFAYETTE – In the medical world, Neurofeedback is still a relatively new form of therapy. But research suggests it can be an effective non-drug solution to treating ADHD, PTSD, all sorts of emotional conditions.

Neurofeedback is used to treat the symptoms that come from the brain disorders just mentioned, measuring brain waves in producing a signal that can be used as feedback to teach self-regulation of brain function.

In some cases this type of brain training can be completely life altering, for the better

“What we’re trying to do is teach the brain how to correct disregulated brain wave patterns,” says Owner of the Neurofeedback Clinic at the Acadiana Center for Natural Health Rhonda Guidry, RN

It may sound like science fiction, but Neurofeedback is a growing practice in the medical community, taking a holistic approach to mental health.

“Sometimes medication works as a band-aid,” says Guidry, who is board certified for Neurofeedback, “It’s gonna take care of the symptoms for a little while. But when the medication wears off, here comes the symptoms. What we’re trying to do is give you a more lasting effect or resolve some of these symptoms.”

Electrodes are placed around one’s head monitor one’s brain waves while they watch a video game. The more one focuses on the objective of the game, the more successful they are at the game.

Over time, these literal brain games can help people gain control of their brain – such as in the case of Maci Zoble’s son, whose rage episodes resulted in the decision by his parents to home school him.

“His rages would last four hours at a time and there was absolutely nothing you could do to pull him out of it,” says Maci Zoble, whose eleven year old son was dealing with these traumatic rage filled episodes just three years ago.

The Zobles tried everything, from giving their son Magnesium and Calcium, to traditional psychiatric care. But the rages continued.

“He potentially could have been institutionalized,” explains an emotional Zoble, “He was so angry, and I knew that puberty was coming and that it was going to intensify the things that were going on.”

After ten sessions, which cost about $100 each, Maci says her son began to articulate why he was angry.

After about sixty sessions, the rages had subsided.

“We’ve resolved the rages, they’ve improved,” says Rhonda Guidry, “He’s learned to identify when he doesn’t like something. He’s learned to express himself verbally.”

“It gave him the ability to tell me, tell me why he was mad,” says momma Zoble.

Adds Guidry, “The mom feels like he’s a normal little boy. She’s gotten her little boy back.”

The Acadiana Center for Natural Health will be hosting it’s grand opening on Wednesday. They offer other holistic remedies such as high-end supplements, an infrared sauna, and the only Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in Acadiana that can be found outside of a hospital.