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New Iberia mother claims her autistic son was mishandled at school

One New Iberia mother says her 5 year old autistic son is traumatized, after she claims he was grabbed by a teacher, leaving red marks on his upper arm.
“He was a beautiful kid a happy kid until that happened.”
On Wednesday, Dawn Gary tells News 15 she got a call from her sons school stating her 5-year-old autistic child had an episode. When she got home and asked him what happened she heartbroken by his answer.
Gary says, “We said Kaidyn why did you hide under the desk? he said my teacher scared me because she yelled at me.”
This prompted Gray to send her son to get an exam at an urgent care center. The report states there was an abrasion on the upper right arm.
Gary tell News 15, “That morning we dressed him, he had no marks, but a mosquito bite and it wasn’t even near the other marks.”
Gary has also filed a police report but Major Wendell Raborn with the Iberia Parish sheriff’s Office tells confirms at this point the school board is spearheading the investigation.
“The principal already started the investigation getting statements, reviewing the video, things like that have already been done,” says the superintendent.
Iberia Parish School District Superintendent Carry Laviolette says the school has already taken the steps to investigate the complaint.
“There was an incident with the parents and the child, and we’re investigating and we’re going to determine if there’s any substance to her complaint,” says Superintendent Laviolette.
“At this point we have no evidence that the mom’s allegation ever took place.”
Gary hopes to get an update early next week. She says she has an attorney and is ready to stand up for her son.
Gary says, “I will fight until I can’t fight anymore because if it happened to my kid how many other kids is it happening to?” Major Raborn with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s office also told News 15 the Sheriff’s Office will only get involved if the school board determines the incident was criminal in nature. News 15 will keep you up to date on this developing story.