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News15 Consumer & Finance Report: Discover Lafayette

On this week’s News15 Consumer & Finance Report we talk to Jan Swift, host of the Discover Lafayette Podcast.

Discover Lafayette is a podcast dedicated to the people, places and culture of Lafayette, the gateway to South Louisiana and the region we call Acadiana.

It focuses on the warm joie de vivre or “joy of living” exemplified by our people, the delicious food, and the cultural traditions passed down generation after generation, and the creative spirit of Lafayette. Our community values family and is a compelling reason so many are proud to call Lafayette home.

Lafayette also enjoys a collective wildcatter mentality that fosters a business climate of success, open for anyone willing to jump in!

What better way to highlight the many reasons to live and work in Lafayette, or travel here to spend time with us, than to get to know the back story of the many people who make Lafayette special?

About Jan Swift, Host

Jan Swift is an attorney who stays actively engaged in her community and is always looking for ways to tap into existing resources and networks to improve the quality of life to be enjoyed by all. Her experience in working as an assistant City-Parish Attorney for Community Development, Director of Upper Lafayette Economic Development Foundation, and service on various boards and commissions has opened her eyes to the beautiful “place” that is found in Lafayette and the surrounding region.  What better way to share its people, cultural traditions, unique artistic contributions and natural resources than by offering a podcast which allows others to Discover Lafayette?