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Officials Gather in Lafayette to Share Ideas on Flood Prevention

LAFAYETTE – The floodplain management workshop is one of two held every year so that those in charge of protecting cities and parishes from flood damage can learn new techniques and share what they know about flood prevention.

“We live in Louisiana…We’re gonna have a lot of rain,” says Danica Adams, “And there is going to be the potential for flooding in a lot of different ways.”

Adams works for the Louisiana office of community development where, under governor Edwards’s Watershed Initiative, she helps spread the word on flood risk resilience

Adds Adams, “We’re defining resilience as an opportunity to reduce the risk of flooding, reduce the damages from flooding, and the recover faster from a flood event.”

One way to keep water out of people’s houses is to elevate one’s home, a topic that civil engineer Bruce Dyson is discussing during the workshop.

Explains Dyson, “One of our members is Mr. Wendell Cural, he’s the general manager of the South Lafourche Levy District. He coined the phrase that, ‘Elevation is the salvation from inundation.’ Atta boy Wendell. That’s very true. Some people don’t understand, ‘Why do I gotta build up, it’s never flooded here!’ Wait just wait a while, it’ll flood.”

Having a state wide community of experts working together to prepare for potential floods has become even more crucial since the march and August floods of 2016.

“It serves as kind of a team of community officials where if a parish, like Lafourche Parish or St. Tammany parish has a flood, we all kind of work together,” says Stephanie Weeks, the Floodplain Administrator for LCG, “And they kind of come to our rescue; we come to their rescue. And they actually come and help us after events.