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One Abbeville woman speaks out after her home was shot at

One Abbeville family is on edge this evening after their home was caught in the crossfire during a shooting earlier this week. Maxine Bryant tells News 15 she’s lived in her home for 12 years and has never had any issues with gun violence in her area, but earlier this week her worst night makes came true.
Life long Abbeville resident says, “…we were in the house say like 10 minutes and then all of a sudden all you heard was pop pop pop pop.”
Abbeville resident Maxine Bryan never thought she would see the day she would be shielding her five-year-old grandson from bullets piercing through her home.
She says, “…we came outside I saw my car was all shot up, my truck was all shot up, and they shot through the window.”
Maxine tells me Abbeville Police Department does patrol her neighborhood, but says there is no one permanently stationed there.
“They watch for when the cops pass, and then when cops leave they back at it again.”
Lieutenant Jonathan Touchet with the Abbeville Police Department says, “We’re trying to saturate the neighborhood with more patrols.”
Lieutenant Touchet confirms there’s been a decrease in gun related injuries but an increase in random shooting incidents.
Touchet adds, “…they all appear to be retaliatory strikes against people rival gangs. Keeping on ally lights and anybody hanging out on street corners where they’re not supposed to. We’re trying to move them on.”
Though no one was injured, Maxine fears someone will lose their life over what she calls senseless gun violence.
“They don’t care who they kill. They just shoot. They just shoot you know. They need to stop what they’re doing before they kill somebody that’s innocent.” Lt. Touchet confirms the department has hired a few more officers but they are still not fully staffed Lt. Touchet tells News 15 this investigation is still ongoing.