Parents Fear Closure Of North Street Elementary

Parents in Iberia Parish are in fear that the Iberia Parish School Board will close North Street Elementary at the end of the school year.

Janet Trahan, who’s child attends the school, says 50 percent of the student population have special needs.

Heather Dore and Gennisha Williams are two other parents questioning what the future of their child’s education will be.

“I’m beside myself. My grandson has been thriving there. This is the only school he’s been to. I don’t feel its fair for you to blindside us the way it’s been done.” said Dore.

“I’m devastated. My kid has been to other schools out here and she has not excelled as much as she does at North Street.” added Williams.

For Dore, the school is especially adept at handling her grandson’s anxiety.

“They know how to deal with him. If one can’t get him to settle down, they’ll get the teacher from the year before and they work with him to calm down to where he can have an active day for him.” explained Dore.

Williams who’s child is autistic, says the school has taught her child to read and helped her overcome stage fright.

If the school were to close, Williams explains her child would have a difficult time adjusting.

“Everyday she knows the routine, how to deal with her teachers. If she goes to another school, she may wonder where am I. Then will they start acting out and misbehaving to the change in the environment.” said Williams.

That’s their biggest worry.

“You can’t just close a school down within the last two weeks.” said Williams.

“I feel we need at least another year. Give us to even adjust to have our heads wrapped around it. We don’t really need this school shut down. Our kids are thriving so well.” said Dore.

Iberia Parish Superintendent Carey Laviolette told News 15 she wasn’t ready to make a comment on the issue because the proposal is still being finalized, but the closure could save the school system a million dollars.

The Iberia Parish School Board Budget Committee will hear the proposal first on May 20th and it will go in front of the full board on the 22nd.