Pensacola Shooting “an Act of Terrorism”

(NBC News) More than 20 military cadets from Saudi Arabia will have to leave the United States after investigators uncovered disturbing material linked to the students.
The information was discovered while investigators looked into a Saudi military student who opened fire at Pensacola Naval Air Station last December, killing three sailors before he was killed.
“17 had social media containing some jihadi or anti-American content,” U.S. Attorney General William Barr said Monday.
“15 individuals, including some of the 17 just mentioned, had had some kind of contact with child pornography” Barr added.
Saudi authorities believe the material demonstrated conduct unbecoming of an officer and disenrolled the cadets.
The information was uncovered during the investigation into the December 6th shooting, which Barr labeled “an act of terrorism.”
“Social media attributed to the shooter suggests he harbored anti U.S. military and anti Israel sentiments, and that he thought violence was necessary to defend Muslim countries,” said FBI Deputy Director David Bodich.
The investigation is not over. Two iPhones that belonged to the shooter were recovered, but investigators now need help from Apple in order to examine their contents.
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