Pet Food Pantry Needs Donations for Those Pet Owners Struggling From Covid-19

With thousands of people losing their livelihood during the COVID-19 crisis people aren’t the only ones in need right now. Pets are feeling the strain too.

Pet Food Pantry helps get pet owners pet food during difficult times. The nonprofit is in desperate need of dog and cat food right now with how many calls she’s getting from the Covid 19 pandemic.

“Last week I start getting a lot more phone calls of people who have been laid off from their jobs and they’re about to be at the end of their bags of cat food or dog food,” said Emily Hamner the director of Pet Food Pantry.

She says it’s the most vulnerable owners who are being impacted the hardest.

“A lot of these people who are calling are our elderly,” said Hamner. “It’s their companion pet and it’s their friend. They’re stressed out trying to feed the baby. So that’s why we’re asking people just add a bag of cat food. It’s about $12 per bag. Add it to your grocery list and you’ll be helping somebody in our community who is in need.”

Even though the non-profit is asking for help they say they will help and your pets during this hard time.

“If you need a food call me,” said Hamner. “I can get you a bag of food hopefully the food will last about a month and then call me again. I would much rather help you feed your pet than you to surrender them to the local animal control or to a rescue group. They’re struggling right now with a lack of volunteers or being closed. So just give me a call we can help you through this difficult time and you can keep your fur baby at home.”

That number is 337-235-6436.

If you would like to donate or get some pet food you can find them on Facebook Pet Food Pantry of Lafayette.