St. Martin

Pontoon Bridge In Butte Larose To Be Replaced

For years, the Butte Larose Pontoon Bridge has been slowly falling apart, but now officials in St. Martin Parish are looking to replace the bridge entirely.

“It’s been repaired so many times. It needs replacing.” said Helen Boudreaux who lives in Butte Larose

She crosses the Pontoon Bridge daily and is worried the bridge may not hold up.

“Dump trucks loaded with 60 to 70 thousand pounds and the parish brings their heavy equipment. It has really torn it up.” said Boudreaux.

St. Martin Parish Government will look at assigning a load limit like this one to the new bridge.

The goal is to eliminate undue tractor trailer traffic.

“We have a campground that’s operated by the parish in that area, a pipeline company and other visitors to the basin utilize this structure. It’s important for the welfare and benefit of the entire public.” said St. Martin Parish President Chester Cedars.

Carter says Huval and Associates. has been selected and they surveying the area to consider a design.

The project is being paid with 10 millions dollars in bonds coming from the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act.

“We are not going to drag our feet, then again we are not going to overlook or fail to consider any potential alternative to what might be out there.” said Cedars.

In the meantime, Boudreaux continues to wait for the bridge to be built, because for her, it would would bring security.

“This is me. These are my roots. I want to be able to live in peace and now that I can come and go as I please and if I fall sick, I can call an ambulance.” said Boudreaux.

St. Martin Parish President Chester Cedars says there is no timeline on how fast the project will move.

He added there are also discussions to preserve the current bridge to make it an historical landmark.