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Port Barre High School Student Arrested on Drug Related Charges

12/6/2019, Port Barre police arrested a 16-year-old juvenile PBHS student for distribution of Schedule I narcotics and Drug Free Zone violation and an 18 year old PBHS student for possession of a schedule I narcotic and drug free zone violation. Both teens were booked into the Port Barre jail and have been released.

On December 3rd, police received a call from 911 in reference to a Port Barre high school student possibly overdosed on THC lace gummy candy. The student was transported to Opelousas General Hospital and later released.

                Through investigation, police learned the 16-year-old student brought the THC laced candy to school and sold some of them to the 18 year old student. The 18 year old ingested 3 of the candies, each containing approximately 70mg of THC. Shortly after, the 18-year-old began to feel disoriented, heart rate elevated and seemed to be having an anxiety attack. PBHS staff was notified and called 911.

                “I’ve seen social media comments where some folks are making light of the situation because the drug ingested was THC, which is a chemical derived from marijuana. Some people don’t believe there is a harm involved when ingesting THC but that belief is a common fairy tale. The truth is, THC is harmful when ingested in large doses and especially if that person is not a frequent user.

                What most don’t know is, the amount of THC consumed from a typical marijuana cigarette “joint, blunt etc” , is roughly 12mgs of THC, beings most of it lost due to the burning, but the THC content in a single gummy candy can vary from 5mg to 90mg, depending on the manufacturer. The particular gummies, sold and consumed in this case, are suspected to have contained 70mg of THC each. If the 18-year-old consumed 3, then he ingested a dose of 210mg of THC all at once. So yes, an over dose of THC.

                We urge parents to be aware of and monitor social media and internet sources their children are attached to and have access to. These types of drugs can be purchased online and mailed to your home. The more concerning issues are you don’t know what other drugs could be in these things and the fact that it is candy form is scary, especially if a small toddler would get a hold of a bag of THC laced candy.

Port Barre Student Rushed to Hospital After Possible Overdose on THC Laced Candy