Baby Matters

Pregnancy and infant chiropractic care

Pregnant women tend to have backaches, headaches basically all sorts of aches and pains as babies continue to grow in the womb. A massage is wonderful for these issues, but there’s also another quick fix that not only pregnant moms can benefit from, but newborns as well.

Dr. Brytani Laird is a webster certified Family Chiropractor at The Natural Birth House. She specializes in helping to adjust expectant moms and babies, “I see the whole family, but I heavily focus on pregnancy patients as well as infants and children, said Dr. Brytani. She chose this specialty after an experience with her now six-year-old son. “He had a traumatic birth when he was born and he just wasn’t the same baby that I knew he had the potential to be. He had baby colic, reflux, spit up, gas.” Dr. Brytani decided to take him to see a chiropractor and it worked wonders for him.

Dr. Brytani believes it’s beneficial to get a newborn adjusted after birth,”Sometimes they’re born and they just want to curl up. Their muscles are super tight. Their joints are just a little off so by adjusting them, aligning everything, making sure everthing is equal from side to side…it helps balance and then their body does what it knows to do and needs to do.” There’s a few signs a parent can watch for to see if their baby needs an adjustment, “Latching difficulties whether bottle or breast, torticollis which you’ll see a baby favors one side more than the other, uneven movement, refusing to lay on their back flat, they want to arch their back, refusing to sit in the carseat and not liking tummy time,” said Dr. Brytani. She sees some babies as soon as the day they’re born. “I use pressure points like the pressure you would use to see if a tomato is ripe. You don’t have to use a lot of pressure. I just feel from side to side of baby. There’s no popping, no cracking, no twisting or turning. None of that.”

The same goes for older children and expectant moms, “When it comes to pregnancy, we see lots of women with low backpain, sciatica, headaches, rib pain, swelling in their hands or feet, carpal tunnel and what we do is we perform the webster technique.” A mom is able to lay on her tummy with the help of a pregnancy pillow while she gets adjusted. Dr. Brytani even uses kinesiology tape, “I tape moms for swelling, low back pain, rib pain, headaches during their pregnancy. I even tape for pubic pain and round ligament pain to kind of lift up their stomach to help relax.”

Dr. Brytani urges any mom dealing with similar pain to see a webster certified chiropractor because it could make all the difference, “Keep everything balanced, that pelvis balanced so that mom can have decreased pain and have a healthy great pregnancy and enjoy her pregnancy because it is a special time and that’s what we want. We want to enjoy our pregnancy and then we want to enjoy our babies. They grow fast.”

If you’re interested in seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy or for your baby, you can find Dr. Brytani at Magnolia Family Chiropractic.