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Preparations Underway For Cajun Heartland State Fair

The Cajun Heartland State Fair has rolled into town.

“We love coming here we love Lafayette it’s an awesome place to come.” said Patrick Hadley, Midway Manager.

Arriving on Monday, it’s been non-stop work.

“we are really blessed to have the people that we have”

120 people cleaning concessions and building rides. And there’s one ride that takes days to get ready.

“this ride behind me, what a coincidence.” laughed Hadley, “Yeah we got a really good crew but that’s the hardest one. It takes a couple days to set it up. But that’s an awesome ride too it’s called the bullet train.”

You can rest assured all the rides are safe and thoroughly inspected.

“We have a great safety record. We have safety inspectors that are on staff on the pay roll here every day the rides get inspected every day.” said Hadley.

Hadley says after Tuesday night, everything will be ready to go.

“You know make sure you dot the I’s and cross the T’s you know what I mean? It’s the little stuff you know we want it to be perfect. Or as close as we can get to it.” said Hadley