President Donald Trump takes the stage at Cameron LNG

President Donald Trump took the stage at Cameron LNG in front of a cheering crowd Tuesday.

Sempra Energy recently announced the plant in Hackberry is bringing in 10,000 more jobs as the company is now producing liquefied natural gas from the first liquefaction train of the project.

“From right here in Hackberry, Louisiana, you will very soon be exporting clean American natural gas all over the globe,” Trump said.

While the president’s speech was focused on how facilities like this one are creating U.S. jobs, he also highlighted the importance of American independence. It’s a big issue right now as china has just announced more tariffs on LNG imports from the U.S.

The president is also ramping up his campaign ahead of the 2020 election, taking the opportunity to take aim at his opponents saying:

“Beto’s falling fast. What the hell happened?”

“Biden, what the hell happened to him?”

“Bernie’s crazy.”

“I think Pocahontas is probably out.”

“Even as democrats I can pick better than that.”

He also promised some infrastructure changes for this area.

“If we win this election just 16 months away, we’re giving you a brand new I-10 bridge,” Trump announced.

This is the president’s third trip to Louisiana since inauguration. He followed the Cameron Parish visit with a private campaign fundraiser in New Orleans.