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Protect Your Pets, Livestock, Plants and Pipes

“It’s gonna get cold tonight and we have a responsibility to take care of our pets and our livestock and an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.” said Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, Mike Strain D.V.M.

For those who own cattle, horses and other livestock, now is the time to check on them and “top them off”.

“Make sure they have hay out there and of course if you use any type of feed supplement, like you liquid feed or those things that help provide energy for them.” said Strain, “If they have any way they can get into a barn or have a windbreak, make sure they have that.”

Also, if their water freezes, make sure you go back out and break the ice so they have an adequate water source. We can’t forget about our companion animals either said Strain, make sure to bring them indoors as well.

Another thing you should bring indoors, your potted tropical plants. However, if those plants are in the ground there is something you can do yo help them.

“So, if you have a lot of herbaceous perennials, just simply taking pine needles, mulching it around the base. Now it won’t help everything above the pine needles. But what it will do, when the plant does die back in the spring, if you cut it right above the ground, it will come back.” said Peter Mayeux, Owner of All Seasons Nursery.

While some plants will re-bound another important tip is to keep the plants hydrated and you can always use a cover to help mitigate damage.

“We sell this freeze cloth, it’s breathable. What you do is basically cover the plant. You don’t want to lollipop it.” said Mayeux, “You basically wanna capture the ground. The ground stays 55 degrees year round so what you’re basically doing is you’re capturing that ground heat. If you’re just lolli-popping it and it doesn’t go all the way to the bottom, all you’re doing is keeping the frost off of it. It’s much better if you can capture the ground, pin it down, this will make about a 10 degree temperature difference.”