Purple means “no trespassing”

A law that passed in May of last year is now going into effect. Purple paint can now be used instead of no trespassing signs. There are about a dozen other states like Texas, Maine and North Carolina that use the purple paint law to signify no trespassing.

There’s a new law in town, and this one snuck under the radar Kip Judice, Duson’s Chief of Police tells NEWS15 when new laws are passed, “[they] get some stuff directly from the legislator in advance to the governor implementing the law.”

As of August first the purple paint law changes the look, and color of the traditional no trespassing signs. Chief Judice says, “anywhere that you see an eight inch, purple strip of purple paint, you should not trespass on that property.”

The law states it clearly and makes it simple. Property owners, instead of having to post a no trespassing sign every 100ft, only have to buy a can of purple spray paint.

“The trespassing signs which we commonly see, the black with red letters, that’s been in existence for a long time” Chief Judice tells NEWS15, but as long as the area of paint is at least three feet off the ground and eight inches wide it symbolizes an area of no trespassing.

The reason the paint color is purple is because all people including those who are color blind can see the color.