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Quick Fix for Car Scratches

Keeping our cars beautiful and shiny is a big deal for some people. So when an unexpected dent or unplanned scratch shows up on your prized steed, how can you fix it?
In today’s Buckle up with Bucka I’ll go over hacks you can do at home to get rid of those pesky marks!

Charlie Dugas, our car expert says they’re actually not all that hard to get rid of. He says “they make a bunch of good products for compounding and blemish problems.” He says most major parts places have a cosmetic repair aisle.

But first things first, you need to identify your scratch! Charlie says “you have to look really closely see if the damage is on top of your paint or an actual scratch.
For this, here’s a tip “a lot of time you could get a paint remover or even just like rubbing alcohol and you want to use a soft cloth and it’ll rub it right off.”

For more complex scratches, Charlie says “you can go into the paint section of these stores and get little bottles of touch up paint you can get your paint code, you could also call the dealership.”