Baby Matters

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea during pregnancy

In this week’s Baby Matters, we discussed the benefits of red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy with Midwife Kira Kana at The Natural BirthHouse. “Traditionally, red raspberry leaf tea has been used for centuries to help with fertility and to help with pregnancy,” said Kana. Kana recommends all of her expectant moms drink red raspberry leaf tea. She said it even helps with labor, “It has been shown to reduce the length of labor, particularly the pushing phase of labor. I mean, who doesn’t want a shorter pushing phase?”. She’s even noticed less postpartum bleeding when moms drink the tea. “Red raspberry leaf. The reason that it works besides the vitamins and minerals that are packed in it, it actually has been used traditionally to tone the uterus. So it makes the uterus do its job better.”

The ingredients found in the tea are shown to help reduce stress, increase hydration and relieve leg cramps. Kira explained that its recommended expectant moms wait until after their first trimester to drink red raspberry leaf tea. “During pregnancy, they recommend two to three cups a day starting in the second trimester. Typically not recommended in the first trimester because it can be so toning of the uterus they are scared that it may cause miscarriage,” said Kana. At 34 weeks is when Kira tells her moms to drink three to four cups a day of red raspberry leaf tea.

If you can’t tolerate tea she said there are other ways to reap the benefits. “They make the capsules, they make a tincture which is a really strong herbal dose you can drink, now they make these little starburst like red raspberry leaf tea chews,” said Kana. Kira said when buying the tea, Kira said be aware of wording on the box, “One think you need to be sure of is that it says red raspberry leaf tea. Not raspberry tea. It’s not supposed to unfortunately not taste like raspberries it’s a leaf, it’s a medicinal tea. During pregnancy, I would also only do organic tea.”