Rescue Mission Continues for Victims of the Hard Rock Hotel Construction Site in New Orleans

A dangerous rescue effort continued today in New Orleans as firefighters search for a man in the hotel that partially collapsed Saturday.

On Sunday, searchers recovered the body of a second worker in the rubble of the Hard Rock Hotel construction site. One worker remains missing.

At a news conference this morning, the mayor said crews will remain in ‘rescue’ mode until that person is found.

The New Orleans fire superintendent says they think they know where the man is and firefighters have been braving dangerous conditions to try and reach him.

Two cranes have been brought in to try and stabilize the building.

One injured worker remains hospitalized. The mayor says he’s stable and was well enough to watch the saints beat the jaguars on Sunday.

The mission still remains a dangerous one.

“The entire building right now is in a very, very precarious situation. Because it’s a life safety issue, rescue, we are putting our folks in somewhat a risk. It’s way different than when you start trying to deconstruct this building as part of what will absolutely will have to be done. When you’re in rescue, you have to get people out. You have to take more risk.” said Supt. Timothy McConnel, New Orleans Fireman.

Rescue crews are now concerned about rain in the forecast. Any weight on the roof could cause more of the building to collapse.

The fire superintendent said they are removing water as it accumulates.

The company that operates Hard Rock Café, in a statement, distanced itself from the tragedy. They claim it has nothing to do with the construction of the property on Rampart Street.