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Ringing Tribute: Son Honors Father Killed in Mass Shooting

(WDTN) A man who lost his father in Dayton, Ohio’s Oregon District mass shooting, and also lost his home during the Memorial Day weekend tornadoes, is using his story to make a difference.
“I thought this would be easy but, this is not easy,” says Dion Green. “I’ve been praying for strength because I knew this day would come. It’s here and now I’m ready to tackle it.
Green took up his late father’s post as a Salvation Army bell ringer. Green’s father, Derrick Fudge, was a Salvation Army volunteer for years.
“He’s done it for a while. He does it every year. All the people at the Salvation Army love my father. I can see why because this is fulfilling,” Green says.
Fudge was one of the nine victims killed when a gunman opened fire on a crowd at the Oregon District in August. Fudge had been eating outside a club with Green when gunfire erupted in the Oregon District.
“It’s been a hard year. Right now this is a hard time. This is the season where families get together and it brings back a lot of memories,” Green says.
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