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Roses Can Be Expensive, but There Are Alternatives

LAFAYETTE – A 20-year floristry passion started early on in life for Mary Andrus of Lafayette.

“Actually, I didn’t know that was my gift. I used to sit in school instead of paying attention to the teachers I was drawing flowers on my clothes and in the notebook,” Andrus explains. She also details how that talent developed even after a medical career surrounded by flower arrangements.

“Working in the medical field – my patient passed away and I decided, I’m going to do flowers.”

Andrus, owner of Mary’s Flowers & Gift Shop off Eraste Landry says nothing beats that rush of preparing chocolates, teddy bear and roses for community couples, indulgent ways to declare your feelings for someone come valentine’s day.

“One special day to celebrate love,” she says with a smile while working on rose arrangement.

Though roses can be expensive – ranging from $50 to $400 Andrus says that doesn’t include: “the shipping cost, the demands of roses, and the cost of the roses”

But Andrus says other flowers like sunflowers and tulips are just as effective at an affordable price.

“We start off flower arrangements that are $35 and when a customer walks in and wants to spend $25, I’ll be glad to make a flower arrangement for $25.”

You can make your flower arrangement’s at: Mary’s Flowers & Gift Shop