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Running In Heels, Empowering Women Leaders In Law In Very High Heels

“There’s not a lot of women-centric events that happen within the legal community so the importance of it is to really focus what we do every day and the different challenges we may face because there are a lot of them being a woman attorney.” said President of The Lafayette Bar Association, Maggie Simar.

The woman lawyers gathered at the Lafayette Bar Association certainly know how to run in heels. And the 10th annual Running In Heels seminar hopes to inspire other female lawyers to walk in their purpose.

“I tell young people to never be to tied to their position so that when their position falls they don’t fall with it. I think that is important for women because quite often we talk ourselves out of things or we don’t think we are qualified enough. ” said one of the panelists.

For women attorneys, Maggie Simar says, it’s a completely different playing field compared to men.

“My answer is gonna be completely different than my male counterparts answer. Even something as simplistic as if you’re running a meeting, how do you do this? It’s gonna be completely different for a male leader than for a woman leader. So we try to give people those pieces of information that they wouldn’t get anywhere else.” said Simar.

This year, the Lafayette Bar Association is celebrating 50 years and looking at where the bar association has started compared to now, Simar believes you’ll be seeing more women in its future.

“We have a lot of women leaders in our bar association and if you look back at the composites of when we were created there were no women and then there became a few more women.” said Simar, “I would say you know it’s nice looking at the history but it’s way more exciting to look at the future.”