Saharan Air Layer Results in Reduced Air Quality for Friday

Today: 87, Mostly Cloudy, Iso Storms
Tonight: 76, Mostly Cloudy
Tomorrow: 88, Mostly Cloudy, Scattered Storms

We see drier conditions to end out the workweek here in Acadiana. The low pressure that has brought high amounts of rain over the past few days will lose its grip on the region today only resulting in isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. We will see some reduced air quality during the day thanks to the Saharan Air Layer arriving in the region. As we go into the weekend it is looking like we see a slight uptick in rain chances with scattered afternoon storms possible for both Saturday and Sunday. The sunshine and the lower 90’s will return as we go into next week as high pressure builds in the Gulf. Afternoon storms can’t be ruled out but things look to be more isolated in nature.

Looking at the tropics, things look to remain quiet for now.

-Meteorologist Cory Smith