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Schools Begin to Formulate Summer Workout Plans During Pandemic

Lafayette, LA (KADN) Spring sports were canceled because of COVID-19 but Acadiana area high schools are staying optimistic about football and other fall sports being able to start summer workouts . according to a memo the LHSAA released there a chance summer workouts can start on June 8th. Acadiana’s principal says after the LHSAA ruling they’ll do what the superintendent recommends.

“Number one we have to make sure the kids are safe and the coaches are safe before we get started,” Principal David LeJeune said. “But it is just gonna be a different way of thinking and a different way of life now. we gotta make sure the kids are taken care of each and every day. It’s going to be a little different for us now.”

St. Thomas More and other private schools needs the approval of the diocese first. Athletic Director Kim Broussard and the rest of the school administration have already made preliminary plans.

“What we are going to do is use one of our gyms as an extension of our weight room space which would allow us to have 40 athletes at one time,” Broussard said. “With the mandate of 25-percent, we can accommodate 20 athletes in our weight room and then we are going to open up our gym which is an extension of the weight room and that allows us to have 40 athletes at one time and then we are just going to flip flop those two. So we modified it basically to accommodate 40 athletes at one time.”

The LHSAA recommends that schools change the drop-off and pick up process for parents to make sure it is as safe as possible over the summer.