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School’s Out, Rehab’s In: Brannon Patin

Breaux Bridge, LA (KADN) After Breaux Bridge made to the 3rd round of the playoffs last fall, this wasn’t the load junior offensive lineman Brannon Patin wanted to carry this offseason. he tore the right MCL on his knee lifting weights in march.

I was working out I ended up back squatting and I ended up going down to fast and that’s when I heard my knee pop,” Brannon said. “It was very hard because not knowing if I’ll be able to play my senior year.”

Brannon could barely get out of bed for the first six weeks. the pandemic closing school actually made life easier because it kept him from walking around a big school building in crutches. Now he can focus completely on therapy.

“Therapy wasn’t after school anymore,” Brannon said. “I just wake up early in the morning and come straight here. I just gotta give it time and day by day and get my strength back.”

His mom did everything for him when he first got injured so she says he has some chores to catch up on when he’s done with therapy here.
“you are 100 percent right about that,” his mother Brady Daigle said. “Help mom cut the grass and weed eat and do the chores at home.”

“Not very good with this, because I don’t like doing chores,” Brannon said.

Brannon’s next doctor’s visit is in mid-June. He is hoping to be cleared to play football in the fall. He’s looking right to the mirror at this setback and stepping up to the challenge.