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Second Chance at Success: Ernest Lazard

Lafayette, LA (KADN) — If you don’t make your high school basketball team Ernest Lazard has a spot just for you. He started his on AAU basketball team to give middle school and high school kids a second chance. He has more than 60 kids and five different teams.

“I just recently retired and my motto in life has always been never quit,” Lazard said. “I always look out for my fellow man. That’s why I love helping and molding kids and keeping them out of trouble.”

Lazard himself is a walking poster for don’t quit. 22 years ago he was told he wasn’t fit to be a marine because he was just 5’8 and 125 pounds. He eventually served in the Marines and the Army and completed five tours in Iraq.

“Even in basic training they were like you’ll never be a Marine, I said I’ll do it just to prove I’m better than you.”

In just three years has had two kids earn college scholarships. They are dribbling around adversity and throwing down on success.