Hurricane Barry

Several Oberlin residents evacuate their homes after two feet of rain

In the town of Oberlin in Allen Parish people are devastated, some having to take a kayak or canoe to check on their homes.

In one day Oberlin saw 15 inches of rain.

“We just moved in in March of last year and now it’s two and a half feet of water in it.”

It’s the harsh reality Stacey Dodd and his neighbors are facing as they paddle down what’s supposed to be 12th Street. He says it all started the night before. “We were watching a movie, a friend of mine used the restroom and they said it was water in the bathroom. So we went there to go look in the master bathroom and it was coming through my shower.”

It wasn’t until the morning they discovered, along with many others in town, what Barry had left them.

Dodd says, “I told my wife and my little girl I said look we got to go. I turned the electricity off and got them out and some friends of mine help me stack some of my furniture on the tables and got what we could to get out.”

Logan Fuscilier lives in town and says, “In the main part of town it’s really dry so you didn’t really expect nothing, but once you start going into a different area…”

Naudia Melder also lives in town adds, “You can’t get through some of the areas actually most of the roads are closed now.”

They knew to expect a lot of rain and flooding, but they didn’t imagine it would be to this extent.

Fuscilier says, “Far from this. We just expected a few showers maybe a few little mud holes but not to where the water is like this.”

Melder says, “Because it was like Barry’s coming Barry’s coming I just really thought it was like every other year.”

Now they’re waiting for the rain to stop and the water to drain so they can move forward.

Dodd says, “Just hoping my insurance takes care of it.”

Fuscilier says, “I already know the aftermath of us cleaning the houses it’s not going to be fun at all.”

For those in Allen Parish area who are experiencing flooding and can’t be in their homes Allen Parish Civic Center in Oakdale is currently serving as a shelter.