Single Vehicle Crash Stirs Controversy After Pedestrians Fined But Driver Isn’t

A single vehicle crash involving pedestrians is stirring controversy in Ville Platte.

The three teens that were hit are facing fines while the driver is not.

Ville Platte Police fined them for not wearing reflective gear and obstructing a public passage.

“Almost died. Everything went up black.” Tevin Wilson recalled.

Tevin Wilson and Dionte Williams are two of the three teens who were hit Tuesday night walking along North Chaitaigner road.

The police report states they were 4 feet from the shoulder when the driver couldn’t see them.

“I’ll take the reflective gear charge but that other charge, we wasn’t doing that. we wasn’t on the street. We were on the side of the road.”

Wilson and Williams believe the driver should be charged.

“At first, he was going to keep going until one of us who did get hit told us to stop. everyone started coming out of their house, but if they didn’t come out of their house, I really believe he was going to keep going.” said Wilson

The teens and others in the community are still in disbelief that it hadn’t happened.

“He bumped us. He just got escorted to his house and the cop asked him for his insurance. Law enforcement needs to get their stuff because that is not right.” said Wilson.

Ville Platte Police Chief Neal Lartigue says the case is still under investigation and charges are still possible.