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UPDATE: Power Has Been Restored to SLEMCO Customers

UPDATE: The power has been restored to SLEMCO customers affected by this morning’s power outage in St. Landry, Avoyelles and Evangeline Parishes.

Original Story:

Thousands of Slemco customers are without power in three parishes this morning.

According to Slemco Communications Coordinator, Mary A. Laurent two separate transmission grid issues are causing a power outage that affects roughly 10,000 SLEMCO customers in St. Landry, Avoyelles and Evangeline Parishes.

Grid owners are working diligently to make repairs so that power can be restored as quickly as possible. Transmission grid issues do not occur often. Two occurring at the same time, are even more rare. This is not expected to be a recurring problem.

We do not have an exact time frame for the repairs. We are hoping for the repairs to be completed shortly, but do advise customers to be prepared to be without power for a few more hours.