Crystal Spa’s Hair Stylists and Nail Tech Are Keeping Very Busy With Overdue Haircuts, Color, and Fills

With businesses closed, people social distancing and trying to keep productive at home, the weeks of lockdown living has taken its toll on hair and mental health.

Now that Louisiana is in phase one many salons are back up and going with new regulations and 25% capacity.

Crystal Spa a business that has a hair and nail salon as well as a spa portion for massage therapy, facials, and other relaxing services. Since the hair and nail salon has opened up, the hairstylist and nail tech are working around the clock to get everyone in.

From hair drying to haircuts, to color hair stylist Friday in Crystal salon taking in clients one at a time who were overdue with the salons closed for two months.

“We have been slammed,” said Karrie Pope a hairdresser for more than 25 years. She says she working 6 days a week.

“I’ve been working pretty late every night till about 8 o’clock trying to catch up which I’m grateful for,” said Pope. “The clients have been extremely grateful as well.”

From needed haircuts to grown out roots pope says many are needing more than just a touch-up.

“The guys are totally overgrown,” said Pope. “The girls, their roots are gray. We’re seeing everyone’s real color these days.”

At the salon they’re only able to have two hairdressers working at a time and one tech with three clients.

On the other side of the salon the nail tech is keeping very busy working 7 days a week but the entire spa isn’t open.

“Half of the spa is still closed,” said Cristal Istre, owner of the spa. Istre says they have many services they can’t open in phase one.

“We offer massages, facials, we have a flotation therapy, we do infrared sauna’s, and spray tans so all those services we’re unable to do right now.”

She says these services are really needed right now in such a stressful time.

“It’s a place that everyone can go and let everything go and relax,” said Istre.

So for now they are waiting and ready for phase 2 to hopefully open the spa portion.

“For a massage therapist we practice a lot of sanitation and handwashing so that’s nothing new to us,” said Istre. So I think we’re definitely ready.”

Right now they’re just happy that the hair and nail salons are doing well. Pope says her clients have been just as excited to sit in her chair as she is to get back to work.

“Oh my gosh I can’t even tell you how generous my clients have been,” said Pope. Just from having to miss appointments the past few months, they’ll pay for their services and they’ll say this is for the last time when I couldn’t make it. I can’t believe it. They’ve really been paying it forward.”

Helping a group of people who always make you look and feel your best.