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St. Louis Encephalitis Detected In Iberia Parish

LSUSVM LADDL has reported St. Louis Encephalitis virus (SLE) activity in tested mosquito samples in Iberia Parish. Two (2) samples were positive for SLE virus by genetic testing. There locations were the Lucerne and Gajan areas of the Parish. The District will immediately implement protocol operational interventions to arrest risk. SLE is a serious infection and citizens need to take precautions to reduce risk. If you must be outdoors — wear repellent, cover exposed skin and avoid outdoor activity when mosquitoes are most active. Residents throughout the Parish are urged to follow these simple guidelines recommended by the CDC.

“We’re testing for these viruses on a weekly basis so it’s not unexpected to receive something that is unusual to the public because it’s something that they don’t hear of all the time, every summer. With a long period of time between when you might hear about St. Louis Encephalitis, it does sound like something that is novel, unique and new.” said Executive Director for the Iberia Parish Mosquito Control, Herff Jones.

“We are able to specify a location and we are able to target our efforts to that location because we know what type of mosquito it is and we know that mosquitoes behaviors. We also know that mosquitoes flight range. That allows us to focus very tightly on our efforts.” said Jones.

· Apply mosquito repellent that contains DEET, Picaridin or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus and apply as directed on the label!

· Protect children sensitive to insect bites with repellent and cover exposed skin — there are many preparations sold in drug stores and camping sections of local stores that are formulated for adults as well as children.

· Wear light colored clothing with long sleeves and long pants when outdoors particularly at DAWN and DUSK.

· Avoid wearing perfumes or colognes when outside for prolonged periods.

If you have any questions or mosquito related problems, feel free to contact our office at (337) 365-4933. Like us on Facebook and join us on the web at click on “Mosquito Control” for more information.