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St. Martin Parish Citizen’s Help Elderly Woman Obtain New House

A group of St Martin citizens are coming together to give an elderly woman the home she deserves.

Verna Carron has lived the majority of her 70 years takings care of others. Specifically her children and grand children. But this time, her community is taking care of her.

When a St. Martin Parish School Board Member knocked on Verna’s door, he was looking for her vote.

“I said why should I vote, nobody helps me. Look at my house,” said Karen.

But what he found is a sight he’ll never forget.

“He started crying,” said Carron.

Carron describes her house of over 30 years as deplorable.

“Everything comes in, snakes, bee’s, rats. I have to put my clothes all in one corner, it rains on the bed,” said Carron.

Before Frederic Stelly left that day, he told Verna he’d find a way to help her.

“Beth put out something on Facebook,” said Rhonda Wyatt, Patron.

A Facebook post from Stelly’s wife lead to a multitude of people wanting to help, like Rhonda Wyatt and her husband Derk.

“The community really came together. We’ve been able to find a nice trailer for her,” said Wyatt.

Food, furniture, and even a place to stay until her new home is ready, the community response has been remarkable.

“They’re also going to do some benefits to help with things that she needs beyond what has already been donated,” said Wyatt.

On the verge of giving up, Verna says she now feels great just knowing that people care.

“It’s a miracle, god worked through them,” said Carron.