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St. Martin

St. Martin Parish President Provides Update On Garbage Service Switch

Residents in St. Martin Parish who are still waiting for a new garbage can may see that change sooner rather than later.

Ever since the St. Martin Parish Government changed garbage service companies, some residents have gone nearly two weeks without a garbage can.

Now Parish President, Chester Cedars says there are only 10 streets in the parish unaccounted for and that can change by the end of the week.

“Our agreement was that by July 1, all containers would be deposited at every residence in st. Martin parish and that was not the case. I’m disappointed.” said Cedars.

The decision to change garbage service companies has caused headaches for St. Martin Parish Government.

Cedars said the former company, Waste Management, removed their bins, but the new company, Pelican, didn’t replace them right away.

“Someone didn’t honor the terms of the contract of that transitional plan. We intend to explore in great detail as to who did what and more importantly who didn’t do what and even more importantly than that what we are going to do as a consequence thereof.” said Cedars.

Cedars explained that billing with waste management had cost the parish 300 thousand dollars a year because it wasn’t handled by their water districts.

To save money, they negotiated a deal with pelican to bill customers directly.

“I have spoken with municipalities and parishes where the new company has done business and I have not heard a negative word about them.” said Cedars.

For now, cedars said he sees this as a hiccup in the process.

“Bear with us, we are working on it as hard as we possibly can. In fact, we have several calls a day that’s being made to the supervisors in the field.” said Cedars.

Those who were supposed to get their garbage picked up either yesterday or today, should contact Pelican to find out if they are going to be charged full price.