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Star Spangled Accordion: Lukas Meaux’s Patriotic Cajun Anthem

KAPLAN – In South Louisiana we’re all about tradition. Things like patriotism, football and of course, Cajun music may come to mind. If you’re going to a Kaplan High School football game, there’s one student who’s getting a lot of attention for combining all three of those.

Lukas Meaux’s recent rendition of the national anthem before a Kaplan pirates home game has made it’s rounds on social media.

Says Meaux, “Within a week it had 160-thousand views and like five thousand shares, I was like ‘Man this is crazy!'”

Like most young musicians today, Lukas is mostly self taught via YouTube and other internet resources.

He also studies the greats.

“I take a little bit from everybody,” explains the high school senior, “Wayne Toups has his licks. Steve Riley has his licks and like Aldous Roger everybody, you know? So I sit there and I listen to what they do. Some things I catch and I’m like ‘Man I like that!'”

The past few years, he’s played his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at fundraisers and even a UL baseball game. But until recently, he never played it in front of all his peers underneath the friday night lights.

“Playing in front of my friends and family, man…It’s an unreal feeling,” says the proud accordion player.

Adds Lyndelle Theriot, Kaplan High School Principal, “He was nervous the last time he played because that was the first time he’s done it and it was just a surprise to me, but it was awesome.”

By now he’s a seasoned pro. But while he carves out his own path, he still honors his mentors and Cajun artists before him, even to describe the feeling of playing our nation’s tune to his hometown crowd.

Says Meaux “I’ll quote this from Richard Lebouef, ‘It’s like yo’re farting in a bath tub. You have that feeling; it makes you giggle – makes you feel good.’ That’s what it feels like.”