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Stay Cool, Keep Hydrated: Tips to Prevent Dehydration

The weather is heating up and breaking records here in Louisiana making it even harder to stay hydrated.

Kristyn Quoyeser is a nurse practitioner at PreventIV IV at Total Care in Lafayette. She says, “I don’t think people realize how easy it is to get dehydrated and how fast they can get dehydrated.”

The symptoms may start small.

Dr. Nichole Miller at Lafayette General Urgent Care says, “They may have a headache, they may feel a dry sensation in their mouth, they notice that they’re not sweating as much getting that salty kind of layer on their skin. Usually that’s the first symptoms they’ll feel when they get dehydrated.”

But don’t let dehydration fool you, it can get as serious as passing out or even a heat stroke.

The key to prevention is water and lots of it.

Dr. Miller says, “Try to add in more than what they anticipate they need. Ideally they need, especially when you’re not under any shade, you want to have you want to have at least one water bottle within an half an hour.”

Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department’s summer camp at Girard Park is during the heat of the season, June 10th through July 26th. Keeping the kids hydrated is always on their radar.

Recreation centers manager Royal Hill Jr. says, “We make sure our site supervisors monitor the weather and make sure it’s going to be conducive for play and then we limit that activity as well… we also have our playground directors they have water in coolers.”

The camp also uses their indoor facilities to keep campers cool during those hot days.

For those who are out in the heat more often, PreventIV IV at Total Care provides a different approach to hydration, IV Nutrition Therapy.

Ashley Ramsey, physician assistant “We have a unique approach. We’re able to replace with IV fluids which are going to replace very very quickly and much faster than you would be able to achieve by drinking normal liquids.”

They may hydrate an athlete before a big marathon or game and unfortunately see people after dehydration. Their IV fluids have unique ingredients compared to the standard one you may get at the hospital or an urgent care.

Ramsey says, “Amino acids, high dose of vitamin c, helps with some detox, helps with keeping the fluids there in the first place.”

For more information on PreventIV IV Therapy Clinic click here. To learn more about Lafayette Parks and Rec. Camps click here.