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Sunset Woman Speaks Out After Being Accused Of Using Counterfeit Money At Gas Station

A Sunset Woman is speaking out after being accused of using counterfeit money.

Shalana Boxie says it all began on Tuesday in Eunice when she used a $100 bill to pay for gas.

“She took her money marker. Checked my $100 bill and said my money was counterfeit.” Boxie recalled.

She was overcome with feelings of disbelief, confusion and embarrassment, but what the cashier did next absolutely shocked her

“The cashier is going to tell me that she is going to give me her name with her information so my bank can contact her and like I said who is she for my bank to contact. She didn’t even make the attempt to call any type of authority.” said Boxie

Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot said they came to investigate the complaint but unable to determine if the money was real, they took to their station to examine and a day later authorities determined that the bill was in fact real

“My thought process is that I’m to the point that I don’t even want to spend cash in the store anymore because you are telling me that my money was counterfeit.” said Boxie.

Jenn Love of the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana says that situation was strange but if someone were to counterfeit they can get around the money marker test

“So what scammers are taking money and bleaching it so all of these retailers have these pens that they use to see if the money is real well the money is real and they can’t tell if the money has been bleached or not.” Love explained.

To spot the difference between real and counterfeit, just hold your bill to the light to make sure the faces of the presidents match.

“There’s actually a line that has how much the amount is for.” Love added.

After that incident, Boxie believes she was being scammed and wants everyone to be careful.

“Just don’t get out of character. Just try to handle the situation accordingly.” said Boxie.