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Tech Talk: Amazon Go

STUDIO 15- Chris Rader, with Rader Solutions was in studio to tell us about Amazon Go.

What is it?
Amazon Go is the world’s most advanced shopping technology coined as “Just Walk Out Technology”. You simply walk in, scan the Amazon Go QR code at the store’s turnstiles, pick out what you want, and walk out. The items you pick up will be added to your virtual cart with the use of Amazon Go technology.

How it work: Just walk out technology use the same type of technology found in self-driving cars.
Computer Vision- Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world.
Sensor Fusion-Sensor fusion is software that intelligently combines data from several sensors for the purpose of improving application or system performance.
Deep Learning- Deep learning allows machines to solve complex problems even when using data set that is very diverse, unstructured and inter-connected.

What you need to get started:
Amazon Go Account, Amazon Go App, and Compatible smartphone

What can you buy? Ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and meal kits.

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